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One to One with Raptors

With a passion for birds of prey and over 15 years experience in keeping a variety of different species we at One to One with Raptors are enthusiastic about sharing our passion for these magnificent birds and giving you the opportunity to meet our birds face to face.

Whether it is in the classroom, working to the National Curriculum, or to a more general group meeting or talk, we bring our team of birds to you and adapt our presentation to suit your particular needs. From a very basic "What is a bird" to a more advanced "Food Chains and Webs" our team can help in delivering the chosen message to any given audience.

From our base in the Thames Valley, just outside Pangbourne, we are able to travel to venues within a 60 mile radius;- this enables us to cover an area bounded by Oxford to the North, Swindon to the West, London to the East and Brighton to the South. Longer trips raise welfare concerns over the length of time we have to keep the birds in their transport boxes;- not forgetting the need to feed the birds at the end of a long day's work!

National Curriculum

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A Unique Learning Experience

We can offer you an exciting, interactive, curriculum based learning experience.

Fully insured and police checked we comply fully with all the current legislation and hope to share our passion and enthusiasm and make learning FUN!!

Bringing live Birds of Prey into your classroom.

More Information

Call 07712 670 270 for more information

National Curriculum Topics Covered

  • Science

    Physics - Flight - Feathers
  • History

    Origins of Falconry - Henry VIII, The Tudors and the Golden Age of Falconry
  • Environmental Sciences

    Biology - Predator / Prey relationships - Habitats - Human impacts - Conservation
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